Secrets of Nature

Image: Secrets of Nature (Faber and Faber, 1934)

Secrets of Nature

Secrets of Nature (1922-1934), and its sequel Secrets of Life (1934-1950), was one of the most popular and long-running short film series of the interwar period in Britain. This site is dedicated to compiling information about this series and the people involved in producing the films, as well as contextualising the Secrets within the history of science and film.


Find out more about films from the Secrets series. Nearly 300 were produced between 1922 and 1950.


Learn about the individuals behind the Secrets, from producers to scientific consultants.


This section features short analytical pieces on different aspects of the series, including its history. This is continually updated.


Useful websites, further reading, and a selection of primary sources on the Secrets series and interwar scientific films.

Highlighted Films

The Strangler (1930). Stop-motion film about the dodder, a parasitic plant.

Magic Myxies (1931). Visually alluring depiction of the life-cycle of slime mould.



This website was created by Max Long, a PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge. Max works on science and popular culture during the interwar years, with a focus on natural history and biology in film and radio. You can follow Max Long on Twitter.

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