Secrets of Nature Films

Secrets of Nature: Films

Watch Seed Time (2016)
Watch The Nightingale (1932)

Below you will find a list of all the Secrets of Nature films released between 1922 and 1933. Where a film is available to stream online, a link is provided. Where more information about an individual film is available on this site, click on the film’s title to find out more.

Silent films 
Hand versus feet1922
Infant Welfare In The Bird World 1922
Skilled Insect Artisans 1922
The Battle Of The Ants 1922
Children Of Nature1922
Fathoms Deep Beneath The Sea 1922
Frocks And Frills 1922
Nature Gliders 1922
Studies In Animal Motion 1922
The Cuckoo’s Secret 1922
The Seashore 1922
The Sparrow-Hawk 1922
The Story Of Peter The Raven 1922
The Story Of The Buzzard 1922
The Story Of The River 1922
Tragedy Of The Sea 1922
The Comma Butterfly 1922
Nature’s Armour1922
The Labyrinth Spider 1922
The Rook 1922
The Sea1922
The White Owl 1922
Water Babies 1922
Marine Parade 1923
The Diver 1923
The Path Through The Wood 1923
Where Flies Go In Winter (watch)1923
Concerning Bills 1923
Battles with Salmon1923
Giant Snails 1923
The May-Fly 1923
The Stickleback 1923
The Story Of Westminster Hall 1923
A Fly Fisher Festival 1923
Cabbages And Things 1923
Crabs And Camouflages 1923
Hunting Spider 1923
The Gannet 1923
A Fowl Story 1923
Dinner-time At The Zoo 1923
The Tale Of A Dog Fish 1923
Tiger-Beetle 1923
Winter (watch)1923
Humble Friends 1924
Jack Daw 1924
Sea Breezes 1924
Strange Friendships 1924
The Stream 1924
Betty’s Day At The Zoo 1924
The Grouse 1924
The Pond 1924
Tiger Of The Stream 1924
Zoo Babies 1924
The Dipper 1925
Paws And Claws 1925
Strange Courtship 1925
Swallow Tail Butterfly 1925
Swallows 1925
Vapourer Moth 1924
Golden Eagle 1926
Life Of A Plant 1926
Puss Moth 1926
Round The Empire At The Zoo 1926
Seed Time (watch)1926
The Gnat 1926
An Aquarium In A Wineglass 1926
Battle Of The Plants 1926
Busy Bees 1926
Emperor Moth 1926
Phantoms (sound version released in 1930 – watch)1926
The Story Of The Grasses 1927
The Story Of Cecropia 1927
Ant Lion 1927
Floral Co-Operative Societies 1927
Nursery Of The Cormorant 1927
Plant Magic 1927
Praying Mantis 1927
The Story Of A Glass Of Water 1927
Romance Of The Flowers 1927
The Denizens Of The Garden 1927
The Plants of the Pantry1927
The Story Of The Leaf 1927
The Iris Family 1929
Scarlet Runner & Co. (re-released as sound version in 1930 – watch)1929
Springtime At The Zoo 1929
The Frog (re-released as sound version in 1930 – watch)1929
The Home Wrecker (watch)1929
The Honey Bee 1929
Sound Films
Plants Of The Underworld (watch)1930
Daily Dozen At The Zoo (watch)1930
Marine Models (watch)1930
Safety In Hiding (watch)1930
Sea Level (watch)1930
The Flight Machine1930
The Sundew (watch)1930
Bath Time at the Zoo (watch)1930
Down Under (watch)1930
Peas And Cues (watch)1930
The Aphis (watch)1930
The Merlin (watch)1930
Starting In Life (watch)1930
Enter The Queen 1930
Phantoms (watch)1930
Mighty Atoms (watch1930
A Spoon In His Mouth 1930
Hold All (Feeding Time At The Zoo) 1930
Playtime At The Zoo (watch)1930
Special Messengers (watch)1930
The Strangler (watch)1930
War In The Trees (watch)1931
Friendly Flies 1931
In All His Glory (watch)1931
Magic Myxies (watch)1931
The Light Of Love 1931
The World In A Wine-Glass (watch)1931
The Mystery of Marriage (watch)1931
Great Crested Grebe (watch)1932
Dream Flowers (watch)1932
Short Eared Owl 1932
The Bittern  (watch)1932
The Two-Pounder (watch)1932
Water Folk (watch)1932
Romance In A Pond (watch extract)1932
The Nightingale (watch)1932
The Frothblower (watch)1932
Orphans Of The Wood (watch)1932
Springtime In The Scillies (watch)1932
The Raiders Of The Fens (watch)1932
Brock The Badger 1933
Amazing Maize (watch)1933
Brewster’s Magic (watch)1933
Fit To Boil 1933
Nature’s Double Lifters 1933


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