Secrets of Life films

Secrets of Life: Films

The educational film is for those who wish to learn, the Secrets of Life is designed for those who wish to relax. But the Secrets reach those whom the educational film can, at present, never touch. They widen the outlook of very ordinary people who take a char-a-banc ride to Scarborough, who hike out of Glasgow, who paddle at Margate or keep a bowl of gold-fish in a London flat. World Film and Television Progress, Vol. 3. No. 3 (1938)

Below is a list of all the Secrets of Life films produced between 1934 and 1950. Unlike the Secrets of Nature films, most of these are still unavailable to view online. Where more information about an individual film is available, click on the title to find out more.

The Warblers1934
Butterflies and Nettles (The)1935
Baby On The Rocks (European Buzzard)1935
He Would A Wooing Go (The Frog Life History)1935
Mixed Bathing1935
Thistledown (The Thistle)1935
We Are Seven (A Family Of Great Tits)1935
Living Lies1935
White Flies And Tomatoes1935
Wake Up And Feed (Feeding Time At The Zoo)1935
A Queer Diet (How Plants Feed)1935
Home From The South1935
Lupins (Life Cycle Of A Plant)1935
The Cabbage1935
Looper Caterpillars1935
The Blow Fly1935
Nursery Island (watch)1936
London Visitors (The Blackheaded Gull)1936
The Green Plover1936
Home In The Valley1936
Community Life1936
Life In The Balance (Interdependence Of Pond Life)1936
New Generation1936
Ravenous Roger1936
Safety First (Self Defense By Plants)1936
The Sawfly1936
The Tawny Owl1936
Ebb Tide (watch)1936
Fish Face1936
Rock Pools (Life On A Rocky Shore)1936
The Town Owl1936
Home Life In The Marshes (Inland And Shore Builders)1937
Kings In Exile (King Penguins)1938
See How They Run1938
Far And Wide1938
Queering The Pitch1938
The Catch Of The Season1938
Why A Sponge1938
Perky Cockney (The London Sparrow)1938
Home In The Heather1938
Living In London1938
Over And Under1938
Swan Song1938
The Tough ‘Un (watch)1938
Three Wicked Sisters1938
Babes In The Wood1939
Shadow In The Stream1939
Two Little Orphans1939
Father Of The Family1939
Ducks And Drakes1939
House Painter1939
Old Blue (Life Story Of The Lupin)1939
Water Baby1939
Hereford Herd (Hereford Pedigree Cattle) (watch)1940
Wisdom Of The Wild (watch)1940
Down Sommerset Way1942
U-Boat In The Pond1942
On The Heath1942
On The Moor (Dartmoor)1942
Once We Were Four (watch)1942
Over The Downs1942
Singing While They Work1942
There’s Nothing New1942
A Queen Is Born1943
By Rocks And Marsh1943
Tree Triumphant (The Apple Tree)1944
Kew and Me1944
Tongues And Tails1944
Polly All Alone1944
Memories (Gilbert White’s Home)1944
Paws And Claws1944
Fresh As A Daisy1945
Strife In The Hedgerows (Hedgerows In Spring)1945
The Pest (Crop Pests)1945
King Of The Forest (The Oak Tree)1945
Sally The Sparrow1945
Seashores (Underwater Life On The Seashore)1945
Fast And Slow1945
On The Beach (Starfish And Lugworms)1946
A Visit To Farne Island1946
Home Of The Sea Birds1946
The Willow Tree1947
The Country Comes To Town1947
The Rock Pool1949
Some Flowering Plants (watch)1950


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